The Tikveš wine sub-region is situated on the same longitude as Toscana in Italy, Bordeaux in France and the Napa valley in the USA. It is one of the biggest regions in Macedonia by square area and it is situated at latitude of 41-42˚. The climate is mixed, Continental-Mediterranean. The south of the Tikveš region is dominated by a Mediterranean climate featuring long and hot summers.

To the north there is a predominant continental climate with mild and wet winters. The mean annual temperature is 13.3˚C, while during the vegetation period it is 18˚C. In the summer the temperature may reach over 40˚C. The mean precipitation during the vegetation period amounts to 300-500 mm.

The Tikveš region is “protected” on three sides by mountains which prevent the northern winds from reaching the vineyards. The following types of soil prevail in the Tikves region: Rendzina, Vertisol, deluvial, alluvial soil and Terra Rosa.


Barovo, a unique micro location, engulfed in repose which harbours the life of the unscathed nature reflected in the freshness and liveliness of its wines. A terroir where the Mediterranean and mountainous climates embrace and create an ideal balance of wines and an ideal wine experience of tradition, culture, nature and unique terroir taste.


Lepovo, a terroir where a perpetual breeze caresses the vines and the Mediterranean climate makes them drowsy under the strong sun on the sandy “beach”. By listening to the whisper of the wind through the vineyards, where the Continental and the Mediterranean climate embrace each other, we created a unique wine tours to bring to you memorable wine experience and tastes.


Kavadarci is the wine capital of Macedonia, located in the heart of Tikves wine region. It is a perfect gateway between vineyards and nature. Between the green sea of vineyards and its waves of colored sweet grape you will be sure to find that all doors of tradition, culture, vines growing and wine making are open for you!