AboutTikves Wine Tourism

As early as in Roman times, a tradition in Macedonia was flourishing – a tradition to craft enchantingly powerful wines exhibiting the scent of the south, having a symphonic flavor and epitomizing the joyfulness of Macedonians. Countless hardworking and skillful wine-growers from the past and the present have been part of the birth of the long winemaking tradition in our country, especially in the region of Tikveš.

Tikves Winery is one of the most important creators of this tradition. For more than 135 years, the sky, land, sun and vineyards in the south of Europe, each with its own share, have been a part of the Tikves story about unique wines and wine experiences.

Tikveš Winery offers a complete enjoyment for those who wish to explore the beauties of the Tikves wine region complemented by culture, tradition and untouched nature. It features rolling vineyards, lakes, caves and mountains, plus archaeological sites and churches. Wine locations to feel the sunrise and sunset, enjoy the nature and experiences various adventures in Barovo, Lepovo and Kavadarci wine districts.

VisitOur beautiful region

DineDelicious food

Our gates are open for everyone, since we want everyone to become a part of, and get familiar, with the magic called – good wine making and food tasting. The Tikveš Winery is our home, and therefore we welcome guests as if they entered our own home.

AccommodationPleasant stay

Recharge your batteries for your unforgettable adventure!

You can choose from a cozy apartment with an as-far-as-the-eye-can-see-view of the magical Lepovo valley or barrel with a starry sky view and contact with nature and the rurality of the Barovo wine region.

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