The Tikves wine region is the most well- known and one of the biggest wine regions in Macedonia. It is located in the very heart of the country and stretches along similar latitudes as the Bordeaux region in France, Tuscany region in Italy and the Napa Valley region in California.

This district embraces the flat and undulating hills that stretch to the Veles canyon on the north, Demir Kapija canyon on the south, Drenovo and Mariovo Mountains on the southeast and Plaush and Konce mountains on the northeast. The specific part comes from the length where the rivers Vardar, Crna, Raec and Bregalnica pass in the lower flow. All these rivers and mountains have a special influence on district’s agro ecological, relief and pedologic characteristics.

The south of the Tikves region is dominated by a Mediterranean climate featuring long and hot summers. To the north there is a predominant continental climate with mild and wet winters. The region is protected on the three sides by mountains which prevent the northern winds from reaching the vineyards.

Nearby placesWine Museum of Kavadarci

The local Wine Museum of Kavadarci represents a specialized regional museum and the very first of its kind in Macedonia. By opening it, the city obtains the status of a regional center for the development of wine tourism. It is located in the heart of the central park of Kavadarci.

Spreading on a property of 100 m2, the museum consists of exhibits and a commercial section, which introduces a variety of different wines from almost all Tikvesh wineries. The wines are displayed in special cabinets and have been produced either by bigger or smaller wineries all from the Tikvesh region. Also on display are a number of authentic tools for the production of wine and ”rakija”, including a cauldron used for brewing wine, dating back to the late 19th century.

The cauldron is one of the most notable antique objects in the museum. Another important exhibit in the museum is the old wine grinder which also dates back to the late 19th century. The oldest object in the museum is the “Ebullioscope”, from 1534 and it is amongst the first ones on the Balkan. It used to serve for measuring the alcohol strength and volume of the wine and it was listed as 153th in the world. 

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Nearby placesKosturnica Memorial

It is located in the City Park of Kavadarci. This structure stands above the east of the city as a memorial to Kavadarci's victims of fascism in World War II. This ossuary monument contains the remains of several of these victims and contains a granite slab with over 300 victims' names inscribed. Built of concrete in a shape to resemble a traditional Macedonian house, it officially opened in 1976. It stands 12 m (39 ft) tall and offers a scenic view of Kavadarci and the surrounding geography. 

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Nearby placesTikves Lake

Lake Tikveš is the largest man-made lake of Macedonia, situated 12 km (7.2 mi) southwest of Kavadarci. Created in 1968 on the Crna River, it has become a recreational destination for residents of this part of the country. Around Tikvesh Lake on a territory of 10.600ha exists a nature reserve noted for its ornithological significance. On this space there are over 131 different kinds of bird species. For the European public the most attractive of these birds are the large predators which are very rare throughout Europe and the world. Of the rare world bird species, permanent residents of our reserve including black vulture, royal eagle, Kanja... Of European rarity our region includes-Chinny vulture, white-head vulture and mice-hawk.

Four islands came into existence as a result of the creation of the lake and a significant cultural landmark, Pološki Monastery, became accessible only by water.

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Nearby placesPolog Monastery

Pološki Monastery (Полошки Манастир). The most significant church in the Tikveš area is within Pološki Monastery. Located on the slopes of Višešnica Mountain, the monastery became accessible only by boat following the creation of Lake Tikveš in 1968. The monastery contains one church, dedicated to Saint George, as well as living quarters and graves. The church was built by 1340 and is entirely frescoed on the interior, with the oldest dating from the period of its construction. Immediately after the construction of the church, the interior was fresco painted in the period between 1343 – 1345. The interior of the church is completely frescoed with scenes and compositions from the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, with saints represented in full height, with compositions from the Great Holidays, with a great sense of adaptation to architecture and an iconographic program that is common for small Byzantine churches, noting the character of the temple.The long, narrow church was built of stone and features one dome.

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Nearby placesChurch of Saint Lazarus

The church is located in village of Begnište. About 5 km (3 mi) southwest of Begnište, and 30 m (99 ft) above Lake Tikveš, is this 14th-century cave church. It is located in the rocky landscape and dry about 30 meters from the level of the lake, at the entrance to the cave with a diameter about 10 meters.With the damming of the lake, it is only accessible via a dirt road or via boat.

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Nearby placesVitacevo

Vitachevo is a tourist attraction situated on the hill of the same name. Its height is1000 meters above sea-level and is located at the base of Kozuv Mountain. Vitacevo is10km away from the town of Kavadarci. This place is remarkable for its scenic views, which make Vitacevo a great place for picnics, weekend trips, and recreational activities.

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VisitKavadarci region

DineTikves Restaurant

In the heart of our winery, eight meters below the ground, among the vast array of oak barrels in which the premium Macedonian wine ripples, lies the unique fine dining restaurant of Tikveš. The authentic and cozy atmosphere opens up the endless story about the wine in this region and the people who make and take care of it. The perfect fusion of premium wine and creatively prepared specialties, both from the traditional domestic and international cuisine, surprises even the most demanding gourmets and wakes hedonistic experiences to be long remembered. Our restaurant offers you an experience in the ranking of world-class Michelin starred restaurants, with superior quality of the dishes and excellent service. Paired with our wines it creates an unparalleled hedonistic experience. That is how real hosts behave.