“Domaine Lepovo” was named after the beautiful location Lepovo in the vicinity of Negotino, on the right bank of the Vardar River. The winery sits at 250m altitude and benefits from a distinct microclimate where the Continental and the Mediterranean climate embrace each other.

The vines inherit the life from alluvial soil, gravel / sand and together with the specific climate ensure more bolded, rounded and unique wines. The soil is poor in nutrients, which forces the roots to go deeper and this ensures grapes of higher quality and a high quality wine with affinity for additional maturing. The high daytime temperatures are responsible for the increased concentration of sugars, which, in combination with the higher alcohol and extract content, results in full-bodied wines. The perpetual northern breeze increases slightly the daily temperature differences, in particular in the evening, which maintains the acids at a higher level. The fruity aromas with jam features, as well as the sweet spicy notes are also results of the terroir’s climate characteristics.

The wines are sappy, full, fruity, with silky tannins, ready to continue their lethargic slumber in the oak barrels, and ultimately exhibit all of their splendor.

Nearby placesNegotino

Negotino is a city located in the central part of Macedonia, located in the middle Povardarie, on both sides of the river Vardar and occupies a considerable area in the Tikvesh Valley. From Skopje, it is 95 km away, and the closest city is Kavadarci, which is at a distance of 10 km. It has a favorable geographical and traffic position. In the immediate vicinity, the highway and the railway from Skopje to Thessaloniki pass. Here the traffic roads to Prilep and Stip cross, that is, similarly as in the past, the Vardar road and the road along Crna Reka crossed. Passing through the Pletvar region and through Pelagonia, it was connected with Via Egnatia. The city has 13,284 inhabitants. The climate and the soil are ideal for growing grapes and getting wine.

Negotino has an annual production of 20-25 million kilograms of grapes. More recently, the opening of private wineries and wine cellars that export wine to foreign markets are also noticeable. The most common are Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminec, Smederevka, Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Plavac Mali, Vranec and Kadarka. Negotino wineries keep their doors wide open for all visitors who along with the team of sommeliers in a fun, informal and relaxing way can step into a wine tasting tour combined with different types of food.

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Nearby placesStobi archeological site

Stobi is an archeological site in the middle of Macedonia. Surprisingly underrated, this ancient city was an economic and strategically valuable hub, and once the capital of a Roman province named Macedonia Salutaris. Nowadays, partially preserved buildings fill this massive excavation site, packed densely enough to spark your imagination.

The city rests on 3 terraces, surrounded by walls, narrating the colorful history from the Arc, Roman, Byzantine, and Slavic eras. It is a truly rare example of a massive ancient city where several empires have left their mark.

As a tourist attraction, Stobi will teleport you twenty centuries back. With a garden variety of preserved structures, and impressive layout, it will allow you to imagine how life was like during the Archaic period. Easily accessible, affordable, and captivating, it is definitely a Macedonian attraction worth visiting.

Positioned in central Macedonia, Stobi is close to the town of Kavadarci, Negotino, and Veles. Driving from the capital Skopje is also easy as the Skopje-Stobi distance is 82 kilometers, and you can travel by car, getting there in exactly one hour. Veles is even closer, at nearly half the road. The E75 corridor makes Stobi easily approachable, and signs are all over the place.

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Nearby placesKavadarci

Kavadarci is the wine capital of Macedonia, located in the heart of Tikves wine region. It is a perfect gateway between vineyards and nature. Between the green sea of vineyards and its waves of coloured sweet grape you will be sure to find that all doors are open with your host inviting you to take a seat beside him offering you his treasure.

((The Municipality of Kavadarci is in the southern part of the republic, with 1132 square-km of area. The municipality borders with Greece in the south, the municipality of Negotino in the East, the municipality of Prilep to the west, and the Municipality of Veles to the North. The city itself, Kavadarci, has an elevation of230-270 meters above sea-level. Geographically, the area of the municipality is characterized with diverse relief and nature. Some of the bigger rivers in the municipality are: Crna Reka, Boshavica, Doshnica and Luda Mara, which also passes through the town of Kavadarci. There are two reservoirs within the municipality: The Tikves Lake - which is the largest man- made water reservoir in Macedonia and The Moklishte Lake - a small lake located in the Moclishte area. ))

The natural geographic conditions and the Mediterranean climate are affordable for growing the various sorts of grape. The pleasant natural geographical feature which is present in the Tikvesh region for cultivation growing the grapevine on one hand, and the long lasting tradition and the building of the one of the largest manufacturing capacity in South-Eastern Europe - the Wine Cellar Tikvesh - on the other hand are the main factor for the development of viticulture and to become a leader in our country. 

This municipality has a motorway connection with other regions and municipalities via the E-75 (Skopje - Gevgelija) motorway which is situated 14 km away from the town of Kavadarci, or 11km via the regional Skopje-Veles - Prilep - Bitola motorway. The closest airports to the Municipality are the Airport Skopje, 90km away from Kavadarci, and the Thessalonica Airport, in the Republic of Greece, 150 km away from the town.

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Nearby placesDemir Kapija

Demir Kapija is located in front of the entrance of the picturesque canyon part of the Demir Kapija Gorge, immediately along the river Vardar, the highway and the Skopje-Thessaloniki railroad, at an altitude of 110 to 130 metres. The city, which has about 3,500 inhabitants, is 60km from the Macedonian-Greek border.

Several climatic features cross in the municipality of Demir Kapija. It has a Mediterranean, continental and mountain impact. The mean annual temperature is 13.8 degrees, and the annual sum of sun hours is about 2.322 hours.

Demir Kapija has an important geographical and traffic connectivity. It is known that along the valley of the river Vardar, in the ancient times, the significant Vardar road was passing. The road led from Thessaloniki and Pella to the south, passing through the Demir Kapija gorge and connecting to the north the cities Antigonea (Negotino), Stobi, Vila Zora (Veles) and Skupi (Skopje). Along the valley of Vardar, today the international highway Е-75 runs, which, like the railway line, has great regional significance.

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Nearby placesDemir Kapija canyon

Demir Kapija one of the best places in Macedonia for climbing, mountaineering, trekking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Now there are 16 sectors for sport climbing, more than 200 routes have varying category of difficulty from 4 to 8c, and about 20 bolting multipitchs, and infinite potential for old and new TRAD routes.

Many rocks are located near the roads and infrastructures, that gives fast access to most of the climbing sectors; most of it are suitable for beginners and groups with children. Most of the rocks are limestone but an hour away there are also sandstone and granite rocks for climbing, mountaineering and bouldering. Location of walls allows you to find a place for climbing at any time of the year. In the summertime everyone tries to hide in the shadow. In winter people can get joy from climbing in the sun light areas where rocks give their warmth.

Nearest sectors are only 10 minutes walk from the center of Demir Kapija. Most of sectors reached from the parking place between the tunnels - (5 minutes by car) Demir Kapija’s community locates in the southern part of Macedonia next to the highway Skopje – Athens. The distance from Kavadarci is 20km, from Skopje is 117 km, which takes about an hour by car or two hours by train ‘Skopje – Gevgelija’. Distance to the border with Greece is about 80 km. The nearest international airports are: in Skopje (Skopje Airport), in Ohrid (Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport, 195 Km), in Thessaloniki (International Airport “Macedonia”, 121 Km). From one point to another you can get by bus or by taxi. Also you can order a transfer from an airport.

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