Hidden in the depths of the mountain Kozuf, stretching at an altitude up to 1100 m, Barovo is the place where the freshness of the mountain tops collides with the warmth of the Aegean Sea. The vineyards are considered the highest “fruit garden” in the Balkans. The summers here are long but fresh, and the air is clean.

The freshness and the humidity bring a good balance of the materials in the grapes. The grapevine is fighting for survival under such harsh circumstances and it focuses its development on the fruit and the bunch of grapes, which result in grapes of exceptionally high quality. The deep section of the soil comprises a unique carbonate clay fossil soil (Paleosol) with volcanic deposits which contains nutrients and minerals. Due to the climate conditions, the root system penetrates deeply into the soil, absorbing the nutrients and minerals, which is reflected in a rich flavour of the red wines, which also exhibit an original feature of strong wines with beguiling elegance.

The vines are green harvested before véraison in order to further concentrate the flavours within the grapes. Harvest is undertaken manually, in order to ensure the grapes are picked at their optimum maturity.

The wines from Barovo base their uniqueness on expressing the terroir. Their freshness is directly supported by a wide diurnal range, as well as the impact of volcanic soil on the complexity and mineralogy of wines. These are well structured and balanced wines reminiscent of the tranquility of nature as a main mark of this unique terroir.

Nearby placesMihajlovo

Tikvesh is abound with many natural beauties among which the mountain Kozuv and the recreational centre Mihajlovo is located 42 km from Kavadarci. Its wonderful panorama, impressive forest and the good weather conditions make the visitor feel nice and comfortable.

The Mine of Alshar – Power of the sun

There is only one place in the world where the mineral lorandite can be found in its purest form and in such vast quantities. That place is Allchar (Alshar) and is located 300 meters from the small village of Majden, about 40km south of Kavadarci and covers the eastern slopes of Kozuf, and in the east it is confined to the western slopes of the mountain.

Alshar contains minerals to be found nowhere else on the planet. The rarest of them all - the lorandite, a crystal of the thallium. It has 32 minerals of thallium, 17 of which only exist in Alshar.

Lorandite is important for science as it holds the neutrino particle, known to be able to generate “sun energy”. Alshar has in abundance thalium lorandite ore, which is a natural detector of "neutrino "particle that travels from Sun to Earth in 8 seconds. In other words, he recognizes the reactions that come directly from the core of the Sun. Lorandite most preoccupies the world scientific circles because it is a very rare mineral, which can be found only in Macedonia and maybe in Sri Lanka.

If scientifically investigated, it can help us understand processes that occur inside the sun. Therefore, NASA is interested in Kozuf lorandite.

(According to the legend the power of lorandite will be revealed by Aleksander The Great, It turns out that he is a phalanx of Alexander, he publishes his shields with lorandite. Alexander's military strategy was to look at noon from west to east. Due to the presence of sunlight with minerals on the shields of the army can be found on the water or visit the interlocutors. And he can't succeed in Alexander's phalanx.)

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Nearby placesKozuf mountain

The Kozuf mountain range extends to the southern border of Macedonia, and due to its proximity to the Aegean Sea, the climate is continental-Mediterranean and is therefore ideal for any day of the year. If you visit it in the warmer days, then you will breathe clean air, in which you will feel the close sea and enjoy the natural beauty and resources. Kozuf is ideal for mountain biking, horse riding, paragliding, hiking, hunting and fishing, as well as for kayaking on the River Tocinca. Kozuf is an untouched ecological nature in this region of Europe.

On Kozuv, lynx still exists as a rare and protected species. The fauna is rich in various species, but certainly the most attractive are the medicinal herbs and the plant "Arbutus andrahne", among the people known as "Gol Covek - Naked Man", which is protected by law. It is the only evergreen tree that changes its reddish and scaly crust twice a year. When you touch it you have a feeling that you touch gentle human skin. The leaves are egg-shaped, and the flowers are arranged as bunches.

The highest belts have subalpine pastures, and on the surrounding pens you can taste natural and ecological dairy products from goat and sheep milk. If you visit Kozuf in the period from July to September, you will have an exclusive opportunity to taste sheep's sour milk, sprinkled with mountain honey and with fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. The shepherds called it mrkalo.

Whether you come for skiing or for mountain biking, hiking, riding horses, fishing, height sports training or bird watching, on Kozuf you will feel like giants, because of the untouched nature - forests mixed with beech and fir trees. All who had the opportunity to visit Kozuf became fascinated by the setting and unique tourist attractions. Beech forest provides the best oxygen to humans, which contains antibiotic properties. The fir forest produces oxygen rich in essential oils that have a calming effect. Under the top Momina Chuka there are 33 springs, which the locals say have miraculous mountain water..

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Nearby placesSt. Archangel and Michael monastery (Bošava Monastery )

Bošava Monastery (Бошавски манастир), village of Dolna Bošava. This monastery was established in 1839 when its main (and only) church and living quarters were built. The church is dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. The frescoes were pained in 1880 by artists from Kruševo.

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Nearby placesVitacevo

Vitachevo is a tourist attraction situated on the hill of the same name. Its height is1000 meters above sea-level and is located at the base of Kozuv Mountain. Vitacevo is10km away from the town of Kavadarci. This place is remarkable for its scenic views, which make Vitacevo a great place for picnics, weekend trips, and recreational activities.

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Nearby placesDemir Kapija canyon

Demir Kapija one of the best places in Macedonia for climbing, mountaineering, trekking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Now there are 16 sectors for sport climbing, more than 200 routes have varying category of difficulty from 4 to 8c, and about 20 bolting multipitchs, and infinite potential for old and new TRAD routes.

Many rocks are located near the roads and infrastructures, that gives fast access to most of the climbing sectors; most of it are suitable for beginners and groups with children. Most of the rocks are limestone but an hour away there are also sandstone and granite rocks for climbing, mountaineering and bouldering. Location of walls allows you to find a place for climbing at any time of the year. In the summertime everyone tries to hide in the shadow. In winter people can get joy from climbing in the sun light areas where rocks give their warmth.

Nearest sectors are only 10 minutes walk from the center of Demir Kapija. Most of sectors reached from the parking place between the tunnels - (5 minutes by car) Demir Kapija’s community locates in the southern part of Macedonia next to the highway Skopje – Athens. The distance from Kavadarci is 20km, from Skopje is 117 km, which takes about an hour by car or two hours by train ‘Skopje – Gevgelija’. Distance to the border with Greece is about 80 km. The nearest international airports are: in Skopje (Skopje Airport), in Ohrid (Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport, 195 Km), in Thessaloniki (International Airport “Macedonia”, 121 Km). From one point to another you can get by bus or by taxi. Also you can order a transfer from an airport.

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Nearby placesKavadarci

Kavadarci is the wine capital of Macedonia, located in the heart of Tikves wine region. It is a perfect gateway between vineyards and nature. Between the green sea of vineyards and its waves of coloured sweet grape you will be sure to find that all doors are open with your host inviting you to take a seat beside him offering you his treasure.

((The Municipality of Kavadarci is in the southern part of the republic, with 1132 square-km of area. The municipality borders with Greece in the south, the municipality of Negotino in the East, the municipality of Prilep to the west, and the Municipality of Veles to the North. The city itself, Kavadarci, has an elevation of230-270 meters above sea-level. Geographically, the area of the municipality is characterized with diverse relief and nature. Some of the bigger rivers in the municipality are: Crna Reka, Boshavica, Doshnica and Luda Mara, which also passes through the town of Kavadarci. There are two reservoirs within the municipality: The Tikves Lake - which is the largest man- made water reservoir in Macedonia and The Moklishte Lake - a small lake located in the Moclishte area. ))

The natural geographic conditions and the Mediterranean climate are affordable for growing the various sorts of grape. The pleasant natural geographical feature which is present in the Tikvesh region for cultivation growing the grapevine on one hand, and the long lasting tradition and the building of the one of the largest manufacturing capacity in South-Eastern Europe - the Wine Cellar Tikvesh - on the other hand are the main factor for the development of viticulture and to become a leader in our country. 

This municipality has a motorway connection with other regions and municipalities via the E-75 (Skopje - Gevgelija) motorway which is situated 14 km away from the town of Kavadarci, or 11km via the regional Skopje-Veles - Prilep - Bitola motorway. The closest airports to the Municipality are the Airport Skopje, 90km away from Kavadarci, and the Thessalonica Airport, in the Republic of Greece, 150 km away from the town.

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